We love kayaking and canoeing. We do it almost every day. And for living, since 1996. 

We distribute best independent brands of paddle sports for about 30 enthusiast partners in 8 countries in northern and eastern europe. 

Our main brands are:

– Jackson kayaks

– Branches paddles (Aqua-Bound, BB and Bending Branches)

– Lettmann kayaks, canoes and paddles

– Esquif Canoes

– Roto Sport and Roto Attivo canoes and kayaks

– Sandiline Clothes and equipments

– Ophion paddles

– Snap Dragon Spray skirts and accessories

– PauHana SUP boards

Our aim is long term healthy, fun and profitable business with paddle sports, and to offer same for our committed and expertise partners. We offer exclusive deals, best support and best real margins in long run. And that approach have been pretty successful and our growth shared with our partners have been very good lately. 

Best Regards

Timo Lehtonen, Wild Fox Trade

+ 358 3 21 21 219 (office, direct land line) 

+ 358 40 58 24 651 (mobile) 

 wildfoxtrade (a) gmail dot com